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Scaffold Banners - Our scaffold banners are made from the same fire retardant reinforced PVC banner material as standard banners. Instead of eyelets they can have loops top and bottom for easy fixing with scaffold poles.

Scaffold banners and scaffold signs - As scaffold banners and signs tend to be displayed high up, they should have bold minimal content. For the best results they should have the name big and bold, maybe a simple strap line and a couple of bold phone numbers.

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Types of banners

Hemmed/welded and eyeleted banners.   This is the most common finishing for banners as it allows them to be used in many different ways. Some clients will simply want to fix the banners to the nearest fence whilst others to the outer wall of a building or to a portable banner frame . These eyelets give this versatility whilst the welded hemmed edges give added strength to your banners for outdoor conditions.
Looped (sleeved) top & bottom banners.   Scaffolding banners. These pvc banners have a loop/sleeve welded at the top and bottom of the banner. This enables this type of banner to be used with either scaffolding poles, rods and dowels enabling many options for hanging. Loop size can be to your specifications to ensure that the banner fits for your application. These banners are ideal for building and scaffolding contractors, business owners with scaffolding around their premises should use the scaffolding banners to promote their business.
Trimmed & eyeleted pvc banners.   Sometimes you might not need the additional strength that hems and welds add to banners. Typically, indoor uses do not require this and in these cases the banners are trimmed to size and then eyelets can be applied as necessary. Most banners that are under 18 inches in height do not usually have welded hems along the top and bottom of the banner.

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