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PVC Banners - Digital Printed Banners
PVC Banners and Digital Printed PVC Banners

Looking after your PVC Banner

Our banners will give years of service if you follow a few simple steps regarding their care and handling.

Always clean the banner before placing it into storage. Use warm water and a mild cleaning agent to cleanthe banner, Do not use harsh solvents such as petrol etc... Allow to dry thoroughly

Roll the banner up, Never fold the banner this will cause creases which will shorten the life of your banner.
The correct way to roll up your banner up:-
Lay the banner down with the lettering side face down and the back of the banner facing you
Now roll the banner up. The centre ofthe banner should be about 3ins in diameter.
Use elastic bands to keep the banner rolled up while in storage, store the rolled up banner vertically.

PVC Banners do not usually need planning permission as they are classed as a temporary sign.

PVC Banners & Digital Printed PVC Banners are a great and in expensive way to promote any event or business. All our PVC Banners come with brass eyelets so they are easy to put straight up.

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8ft x 2ft £49-00 8ft x 3ft £75-00 8ft x 4ft £125-00
10ft x 2ft £65-00 10ft x 3ft £90-00 10ft x 4ft £135-00
12ft x 2ft £75-00 12ft x 3ft £119-00 12ft x 4ft £159-00
14ft x 2ft £89-00 14ft x 3ft £139-00 14ft x 4ft £179-00
16ft x 2ft £99-00 16ft x 3ft £155-00 16ft x 4ft £209-00
18ft x 2ft £110-00 18ft x 3ft £169-00 18ft x 4ft £229-00
20ft x 2ft £129-00 20ft x 3ft £199-00 20ft x 4ft £259-00
24ft x 2ft £159-00 24ft x 3ft £219-00 24ft x 4ft £315-00

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