Pukka Plotter Printing

Plotter printing is produced by cutting an image out of a sheet of ink, weeding away all the parts of the sheet which aren't required and then heat sealing the ink onto the garment.
The image is designed on the computer as a vectored image. We use CorelDraw .cdr images but can accept Adobe Illustrator .eps p.c. images. Please don't worry if you can't supply us with your designs in these formats. We can just as easily work from a .bmp or jpg etc. although we have to retrace the design.
We can also cut any font you can find (as long as it will vectorise) and is not too fine.
The ink sheet is a flat colour and we are unable to reproduce any colour graduations within a design using plotter printing. Weeding away the unwanted ink - such as the centres of letters O's, B's, A's etc - also becomes extremely hard if the design is too small or too complicated. We value our eyesight !
Cutting can also become impossible if the design is too complex or is too fine with cut lines very close to each other - this also make the weeding process extremely difficult.
Finally the weeded sheet is turned over and heat sealed onto the garment. Plotter ink sheets come in an ever growing number of colours. Check under leisure or workwear plotter printing for a full list.